HCI Research Groups

Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research

Logo of CAIR.CAIR (pronounced "care") is a research center in the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences, bringing together researchers working on computer accessibility and assistive technology for people with disabilities, technology for older adults, and educational technologies for students with disabilities. CAIR also provides an accessible collaboration space and other resources, enabling researchers, students, and participants with disabilities to work together.

Human-Centric Multi-Modal Modeling Lab

A participant looking at a computer screen with an eye-tracker.The 3M laboratory investigates methods and approaches of human-centered design, visual perception, imaging science, and computational linguistics to study the influence of perceptual expertise and domain knowledge on complex visual tasks. This multidisciplinary research group investigates intelligent human-computer interaction, using computers to enhance human performance involving complex cognitive activities, for example during visual reasoning and decision-making.

Linguistic & Assistive Technologies Lab

A virtual human animated character performing sign language.The LATLab conducts research in computational linguistics and human-computer interaction with a primary focus on accessibility applications and assistive technology for people with disabilities. The LATLab is associated with the Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research, and it includes facilities for conducting eye-tracking studies, user-based studies of new technologies, and a professional recording studio (with video and motion-capture technology) for collecting American Sign Language data.

Future Everyday Technologies Laboratory

Logo of the FETLAB.This laboratory investigates new advances in wearable and mobile computing and in the field of personal fabrication technologies, with a goal of bringing the future state-of-the-art into the everyday realm through advances in HCI research.

Computer Graphics & Applied Perception Lab

Screen image from a facial-expression-based user-interface.Members of the lab perform funded research in the areas of computer graphics, eye tracking, and virtual reality. In addition, the lab provides a sandbox for interdisciplinary and cross-college collaboration with faculty and students from departments ranging from 3D Design and Photography, to Color Science and Imaging Science, to Computer Engineering.